Conditions Treated

Conditions and Pain that we treat in our office.

You rely on your body to get you around, and to do things for you. but how and where do things go wrong for you?

There are many conditions that put a toll on society, and can be deadly, like cancer, diabetes, and the biggie: cardiovascular disease. But what health problems affect your quality of life the most?

Aches and pains. Musculoskeletal stuff.

The run of the mill low back pain is actually the biggest cause of disability in working adults. Neck pain comes in at number four for disability. Nothing causes more expense for employers than employees who are suffering from pain.

Cancer might be a bigger expense in our society overall, and cause more deaths. And, comorbidities from bad diets and no exercise might be further punishing our nursing homes and hospitals, and frankly making you miserable along the way, but nothing can match back and neck pain for ongoing expense and disability.

You could ignore your pain, and let time heal your wounds, but are you delaying problems to come back in a bigger way in the future? What’ll happen if you ignore your back pain? Well, we know from epidemiology and from practical experience that pain just comes back again and again like before. We know from talking to plenty of chronic pain patients that taking a handful of ibuprofen every day will just cause stomach problems over time. And, medications will do nothing to help with back and neck function.

The fact is, neck and back pain are usually a functional problem. Left alone, they can cause chronic pain that can be imprinted in your nervous system, causing centralized pain. A tough problem. A functional problem requires a functional solution. We don’t know anything about curing your Standard American Diet (SAD), but we do know a thing or two about helping you with your function.

Here’s a list of things we treat in our office, and we can help you with:


Neck Pain

Neck & Shoulder Stiffness

Shoulder Pain

Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

Upper Back Pain

Neck Injuries

Low Back Pain

Twisted Pelvis

Herniated Discs

Facet Syndrome

Runner’s Knee

IT Band Friction

Foot and Toe Numbness

Some of these conditions will resolve quickly under chiropractic care. Others need to be managed over time, and maybe even co-managed with other professionals.