Simple Work From Home Strategies for Maintaining Your Spinal Health

Todd Lloyd
June 19, 2022

Working from home yields significant benefits but can quickly lead to spinal health issues if you’re not careful. Maybe your home is a stressful environment or you don’t have high-quality ergonomic furniture. Perhaps you’re out of shape or your posture worsens as you get tired through the workday. 

Whatever the case, we’re here to help you create an environment and routine that keeps you productive while fostering your spinal health. Consider these tips!

Visit the Chiropractor Regularly      

Life gets busy and it’s easy to neglect your own care. However, if you want to be productive at work and live a fulfilling personal life, you need to practice and maintain self-care. 

For instance, if you have neck or back pain, regular visits to places like can improve your range of motion, mobility, and posture. Routine chiropractic care will help you feel your best and operate at your prime. 

Reduce Your Stress      

Unmanaged stress is a silent killer. It will seep into every area of your life and body and wreak havoc. If you find that stress is causing you headaches, worsens your back pain, causes an upset stomach, prevents you from sleeping, harms relationships, or causes any number of other symptoms, it’s time to act now. 

Start by making small changes to your home that can make a huge difference in your life, such as:

  • Adding plants to each room.
  • Cleaning out drawers, cabinets, and closets. 
  • Letting in the fresh air and natural light.
  • Playing soothing music.
  • Diffusing essential oils.

If you work from home, consider setting up a designated work area that keeps your home’s aesthetic but also caters to a stress-free work life. If you aren’t in a fully digital profession, this could mean adding organizational systems to manage paper and files. 

Also, even if your home office has wonderful natural light, incorporate additional lighting to illuminate your workspace on dark and dreary days. And add pictures, art, and plants to your work area to inspire your visual senses throughout the day. 

Aim for Better Sleep

It’s so easy to get caught up in all that needs to be done at work and around the house and forget about rest. If you want your days to go smoothly, start by aiming for quality sleep. 

While the duration of your sleep is important, so are things like your mattress, pillow, sleeping position, lighting, and sound. The changes you make at home combined with routine chiropractic care will transform your sleep and improve your overall well-being. 

Get Some Ergonomic Equipment     

If you struggle with any back, neck, shoulder, or wrist pain, investing in ergonomic equipment will be well worth it. The benefits of ergonomic office equipment are as vast as they are significant. 

Standing desks, chairs, keyboards, and the like can reduce your pain during your work hours while simultaneously improving your posture, aligning your spine, and preventing further injury. You not only will feel better but may find yourself more productive and less distracted.

Build Your Fitness

Exercise does wonders for every part of your health, and better management of back and neck pain is no exception. Try to incorporate core-strengthening exercises into your daily routine to help prevent slouching at your desk, improve your balance, and stabilize your spine. Keep a close eye on your weight to stay within a healthy range for your body type, age, and gender. 

Work and daily life can easily blur together when you work from home. Consider the advice above as you establish rhythms, routines, and systems in your daily life. Prioritizing your spinal health makes for a great start in improving energy, sleep, productivity, and work-life balance!

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