Effective care to improve relieve enhance adjust restore soothe unlock rehab mobility and movement

Chiropractic care reduces pressure on a stiff and achy body part to improve motion and mobility. This leads to better muscle control of your spine, body, and posture. 

Benefits of routine chiropractic care

Pain Relief

Chiropractors have been leaders in back pain relief since 1895. You enjoy the full spectrum of conservative tools for pain relief and rehabilitation with chiropractic the profession.

Relaxed Movement

Getting your back adjusted means you restore optimal motion. The cracking sound triggers a reflex to relax tight muscles, improving your mobility, and making you feel like there's less pressure on your back.

Optimal Performance

Getting adjusted means resetting the tight muscles and joints in your body for better symmetry and mobility. This means you can move without restriction as you work on the activities you enjoy doing most.

Back pain relief.

Low back pain is the leading cause of disability in working adults. More than any other disease or injury. 

Nothing affects quality of life like low back pain. 

Neck, shoulders, and headache relief.

Don’t let your tight upper back, neck, and shoulders affect your quality of life at work and home. Take care of tension headaches at the source of the pain. 

Recover & retrain from sports injuries.

We work with you on adjusting minor misalignments that happen with sports injuries. We evaluate your movement with Kinetisense technology to objectify movement patterns and measure our results. 

Enhance performance, symmetry, and balance.

We measure your symmetry with Kinetisense technologies. This tracks your movements during specific tasks, giving you immediate feedback for error correction. We adjust extremities with the purpose of restoring mobility and symmetry to your body. We also work with with a home exercise plan so you can compliment your chiropractic care with retraining exercises.