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Understanding Injuries to the Cervical Chain Ganglion After a Whiplash Injury
Injury to the cervical chain ganglion, particularly after a whiplash injury, can manifest in several specific symptoms due to the disruption of nerve function. Here are the key symptoms based on current research:...
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Improving Personal Injury Treatment Notes: A Guide for Chiropractors
Accurate and detailed notes in personal injury cases are crucial for several reasons. They directly affect your marketability with attorneys, your ability to receive referrals, and your reimbursement, especially when dealing with PIP, MedPay, and third-party liability....
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Utilize These Empowering Strategies To Break Down Stress Barriers
In your journey through life, stress often emerges as a constant companion, subtly influencing your daily experiences. It's crucial to recognize that stress, though ubiquitous, can be managed effectively. Courtesy of Chiropractic Care, this guide serves as your roadmap to understa...
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Conquer Knee Pain: Expert Tips and Advice
Knee problems are a common issue that many people face, with arthritis being a leading cause. Osteoarthritis of the knee, a degenerative joint disease, can result in discomfort, stiffness, and swelling in the affected area. It is crucial to seek proper treatment for knee pain, especially if it is re...
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Chiropractic Care via Liens in California Personal Injury Cases
In California, chiropractic care is an essential component of the treatment for individuals injured in car accidents and other personal injury incidents. The mechanism of medical liens allows chiropractors to offer immediate treatment without upfront costs to patients, facilitating access to necessa...
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Unraveling the Mystery of Shoulder Pain: Fresh Perspectives from Latest Research
Introduction: A Common Ailment, A Universal Quest for Relief Shoulder pain – that nagging, often debilitating discomfort – can intrude on the simplest of daily tasks, making even a good night’s sleep seem like a distant dream. Central to many such cases of shoulder woes is impingement, a condi...
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6 Ways To Relieve Pain After An Injury
Experiencing pain after an injury isn't just a physical challenge; it can also lead to emotional distress, especially if it persists. This pain can hinder daily activities and work, potentially leading to depression or anxiety due to decreased social interaction and focus on the pain. Therefore, fin...
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Is eating farm raised salmon bad for humans?
The health impact of consuming farm-raised salmon is multifaceted and depends on various factors such as the type of feed used in aquaculture and the geographical location of the farm. Studies have shown that farmed salmon fed on rapeseed oil, as opposed to traditional fish oil, can still provide si...
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How to Get Insurance to Pay A Chiropractor for Personal Injury
Have you recently been injured in an accident and are seeking chiropractic treatment? You may be entitled to insurance coverage for your chiropractic care. While navigating insurance coverage can be overwhelming, understanding how to approach your claim can make a big difference.  With the help...
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What is the difference between an Exacerbation and Aggravation?
In this article, we talk about the differences between an exacerbation verses an aggravation. ...
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Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic Adjustments

Hands-on and instrument-assisted chiropractic care. To your comfort.
Home exercise program

Home Exercise

Exercises for your stage of the healing process. A powerful combo with chiro.
Neuro Exam

Neuro Exam

Documenting the effects of an injury that might have affected the way your nervous system works.
Orthopedic Examination

Ortho Exam

Range of motion and joint weight-bearing might have been affected by your injury. We document it.
Interferential muscle stim


Acute injuries to muscles might need interferential stimulation to relax from an injury.
Shockwave Therapy


Older injuries sometimes might need a deeper type of soft tissue therapy to chase away scar tissue.


Document and assess movement patterns after an injury and before sports activities.
Kinetic Tape


A great way to support and stabilize injured muscles and joints. logo Petaluma chiropractor
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