A keto diet can boost the size and strength of aging muscles as well as brain health

Todd Lloyd
February 12, 2023

Keith Baar is the lead author of a study, published by UC Davis that talks about the effects of the ketogenic diet on the muscle function in the older animals. He has found that the ketogenic diet will prevent muscle mass loss due to age. Is your muscle mass to the age is called “sarcopena.”

A ketogenic diet is a high fat diet. And it must have low carbohydrates. When you are under a ketogenic diet, your body burns more fat for fuel instead of sugar. This kind of diet retrains your body to burn fat for fuel. Under most high carbohydrate, diet, people are burning carbs as a primary source of fuel instead of fat. A ketogenic diet in a sense forces your body to burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

A ketogenic diet is mostly associated with weight loss. But this study finds that a ketogenic diet prevents muscle deterioration and even restores muscle function.

people normally lose muscle mass and endurance when they age. Older muscles, loser, mitochondria, the power engines of the cells. Your mitochondria in your cells produce energy and they help the body break down harmful metabolites.

A ketogenic diet helps your muscles make more mitochondria. The other way i’ll make more mitochondria is to do resistance exercises. Doing both, of course, works together to make the most efficient cellular composition. The more mitochondria we have, the better our body breaks down neurotoxins.

Much of the early research on ketogenic diet were done for treating epilepsy. Researchers. much of the early research on ketogenic diet’s were done for treating epilepsy. Researchers long ago found out that when you give epileptics a ketogenic diet, they have fewer seizures. Ketogenic diet could also potentially help cure the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

It works by breaking down the narrow toxins in the muscle cells before they can reach the brain.

Interestingly, the brains in the older, female subjects responds better to the neurocognitive affects of a ketogenic diet more than male subjects. In middle age, women respond better to ketogenic diet than men do. And your accused of that diet, women have learning and memory benefits.

however, in endurance, athletes and athletes, engaging in high intensity exercise a ketogenic diet does not give you the most efficient energy delivery. Athletes still need carbs to perform at their best while competing.

Todd Lloyd
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