I'm digging these new paintings I picked up for the clinic.

Todd Lloyd
February 26, 2022

Thank goodness for the TJ-Maxx/Homegoods store in Petaluma! I just picked up these painting to splash a little abstract color on the clinic. What do you think? Where should I hang them?

This one here blends well with the colors of the reception area:

IMG 7892 1

This next one might look pretty good as a piece of art to greet people as they leave the treatment room:

IMG 7895 1 edited
I would hang it up, of course.

This is my favorite one. The serene woman. Not sure if I want it here. Seems like a good place for calm energy, in the chiropractic treatment room.

IMG 7894 1

What do you think? Comment below if you would change it.

Painting of serene woman
Todd Lloyd
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