Is Dr. Zev on Youtube better than Crack Addicts on TLC?

Todd Lloyd
July 20, 2023

This morning with my coffee, I tuned into Dr. ZevTV on Youtube. This video shows Dr. Zev making a housecall to a nurse who suffers from chronic pain.

Dr. Zev

Dr. Zev Mellman is a chiropractor who has a YouTube channel where he shares his expertise and insights on spinal health, wellness, and chiropractic care. He is based in Davie, Florida, and has been practicing for over 15 years. He is also known as the “celebrity chiropractor” because he has treated many famous clients, such as actors, athletes, and musicians. Some of his videos include:

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Zev and his work, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or visit his website at []. He also has a Facebook page and an Instagram account where he posts more content and updates. He is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and wellness through natural and holistic methods. 😊

Crack Addicts

Sure, I can tell you about Crack Addicts, a chiropractic show on TLC. Crack Addicts is a medical series that follows the work of Dr. Alessandra Colón, a chiropractor based in Florida who treats patients with various conditions and chronic pain. The show features her performing adjustments on her patients, often with a loud cracking or popping sound that is supposed to indicate the release of pressure and tension in the joints and spine. The show also showcases her sense of humor and personality as she interacts with her staff and clients.

Crack Addicts premiered on May 24, 2023 on TLC and Max, a streaming service that is part of the WarnerMedia group. The show has been described as “wild”, “not for the faint-hearted”, and “shamelessly-titled” by some critics and viewers. Some of the cases that Dr. Colón handles include a patient with Diastrophic Dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder that affects bone and cartilage development; a patient with nystagmus, an involuntary eye movement disorder; and a patient who traveled from New York to see her after suffering from severe neck pain for years.

Viewership between Dr. Zev and Crack addicts

According to YouTube, Dr. Zev's channel has 11.6K subscribers and his videos have a total of 1.9 million views as of July 20, 20231His most viewed video is titled “Powerful Chiropractic Adjustment | Dr Zev Mellman”, which has 32K views as of July 20, 20231.

Comparing his YouTube views to Crack Addicts on TLC is not easy, since TLC does not disclose the exact viewership numbers for its shows. However, according to TV Series Finale, a website that tracks TV ratings, TLC had an average of 1.2 million viewers per night in the second quarter of 2023. Assuming that Crack Addicts has a similar or slightly lower viewership than the average TLC show, it is likely that it has more views than Dr. Zev’s YouTube channel.

However, this may not be a fair comparison, since Crack Addicts and Dr. Zev have different formats, audiences, and platforms. Crack Addicts is a streaming show that requires a subscription to watch, while Dr. Zev’s videos are free and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Crack Addicts is a medical series that follows the work of Dr. Alessandra Colón, a chiropractor based in Florida who treats patients with various conditions and chronic pain2. Dr. Zev is a chiropractor who posts videos about his adjustments, his philosophy, and his testimonials1. Crack Addicts is aimed at casual viewers who enjoy watching TLC’s programming slate, while Dr. Zev is aimed at people who are interested in chiropractic care or alternative medicine.

Video Production

We expect Crack Addicts to have a professional video production. They are on TLC, with distrobution meant to be held to a standard for people to watch on their living room TVs. Budgets, skills, and techniques have improved greatly for Youtube channels. But TV has different standards. Here are some comparisons:

  1. Budget: Reality TV shows usually have significantly higher budgets than most YouTube channels. This allows for professional-grade cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and post-production editing software. However, top-tier YouTube creators often invest heavily in their production equipment and software as well, closing the gap in quality.
  2. Crew: Reality TV shows typically have a crew including directors, camera operators, sound engineers, and editors, which allows for a division of labor and specialization that can enhance the quality of the final product. YouTube creators often start as one-person operations, doing everything themselves, although successful creators may eventually hire teams to help with production.
  3. Editing: Reality TV editors often manipulate footage to create or enhance drama, shaping narratives in the process. This might involve cutting and rearranging scenes, adding music and sound effects, and using other editing techniques. YouTube content can also be highly edited, but the goal is often to create a sense of authenticity and direct connection with the viewer. Jump cuts are more common on YouTube, for example.
  4. Content: Reality TV shows often follow a set format or script, even when they purport to show "real life". YouTube content is generally more varied, depending on the whims of the creator. It can range from completely unscripted vlogs to highly scripted and produced short films.
  5. Scheduling: Reality TV shows have strict production and airing schedules, whereas YouTube creators can typically upload whenever they choose, although maintaining a consistent posting schedule can be crucial for building and retaining an audience on the platform.
  6. Length: Reality TV shows usually fit into 30-minute or 1-hour time slots, including commercials. YouTube videos can be any length, but shorter videos (10-20 minutes) tend to be more common and successful due to viewer attention spans.
  7. Standards: Because of their broadcast nature, reality TV shows must adhere to regulations and standards imposed by networks and sometimes governmental bodies (like the FCC in the US). YouTube also has community guidelines, but they are typically less restrictive, allowing for a wider range of content.

Despite these differences, there is a considerable amount of overlap, and the gap between YouTube content and reality TV continues to shrink as online creators gain access to better equipment and more resources. In fact, some YouTube creators have made the transition to traditional TV, and vice versa.

I have noticed that Dr. Zev has two people working cameras. Compared to most other chiropractic channels, who only use one handheld camera, this provides a lot more material to work with when following him around. Plus, it looks like they took their time to both mic up Dr. Zev and the patient. Capturing both in clear sound.

Post production, you can see that his team has put a lot of time and effort into poishinng the final product. I would like to know how he arranged all of this. Are these people pros who also work on reality TV shows? It certainly looks like it. The cuts, the sounds, and the pacing is all there.

I also really appreciate how he takes the time to explain what he's doing, but he's also remarking on the benefits of being adjusted. Lower stress. Better movement. He's always great about educating at the tableside.

Stress response of the adjustments and hemodynamic response

In this video, Zev has brought over a sonographer to measure the diameter of the patients' internal carotid, extrenal carotid, and jugular vein before and after adjustments.

They find that when you adjust someone's neck, it slows down the velocity of the blood flow, and it relaxes the diameter of the vessels. This compliments the reduced stress you feel after being adjusted. Your muscles relax after being adjusted. Neurological tone changes. Now, Dr. Zev is documenting the effect on video.

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