The Try Guys try chiropractic care.

Todd Lloyd
January 25, 2021

I just found this video of The Try Guys getting cracked while I was doing my morning routine of coffee and YouTube. I didn't even seek this out. For some reason the YouTube algos brought me to a video of one of these guys "trying" hair follicle transplant surgery.

Overall this is a very positive depiction of chiropractic care, even if it approached as a novelty.

They go see a chiropractor they know named Dr. Trumpi, and she calls herself a "board certified chiropractic sports physician." It should be noted that chiropractors aren't board certified anything. I've done sports chiropractic courses, and with all of them, you just get a certificate. But that's okay. I like that she's differentiating herself.

But of course, in a different scene, she admits that most of her patients are desk jockeys who are stuck sitting most of the day. And this is why I think it's a great idea to specialize in the mundane stuff that everyone goes through.

One interesting thing about this video. The dude who got his hair transplant done says that he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, where his SI joints are starting to become more and more immobile. He says on the video that weekly chiropractic adjustments were his go-to treatment to keep him feeling well.

Another great visual tip in this video is where Dr. Trumpi is showing the guy that when you have a head-forward posture, your SPs in your neck are more prominent, but as you bring your head back over your shoulders, they all tuck back in, making everything look better.

As a matter of fact, one of the Try Guys mentioned that his mother would tell him that ugly people have a bad posture. Kinda true.

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