Move Better. Improve Peformance. Reduce Injury.

3D Functional Movement

The Kinetisense system analyzes hundreds of movement variations to create functional movement reports both before and after treatment in our clinic. These movement assessments generate reports that will lead you to understand what parts of your body are strong and what are weak.

Functional movement screen that analyzes the depth map and motion during a movement screen. 

Great compliment to athletic training, CrossFit, competitive athletics, weight lifters, and marshal arts. 

Provides a roadmap to recovery when muscles and joints are out of balance. Demonstrates symmetry between left and right and front to back. 

This system provides real-time feedback, using 12 evidence-based movements in 3 minutes. The depth map is captured using state of the art Intel RealSense technology, so motion can be captured without markers placed on the athlete. 

Motion is captured using Intel RealSense technology in real time. Athletes can either do a blind assessment of their functional abilities, or the functional movement assessment can be performed with real-time biofeedback on our large screen monitor. 

Planar mapping measures the athlete’s body in the sagittal, coronal, and transverse plane. 

Single leg hop evaluates risk of ACL tears in each knee.

The single leg hop also provides you with a sense or symmetry between one leg an another. If one side is weak, it could mean that you are at a higher risk of injury when participating in activities. This is part of the KAMS evaluation, and is part of the comprehensive snapshot of your fitness and risk assessment.