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Todd Lloyd
July 26, 2022

Working on getting backlinks to your health related website? Yea me too.

Let's do some guest posts!

Rules for Guest Writers

If you wanna write a blog article on this site, you are welcome too. But, I have some requirements.

  • Article must be at least 500 words long.
  • Article must be health care related. Or related to personal injury law.
  • Article must be unique. (No plagiarism).
  • You can have two backlinks. I suggest one to a page on your site, and one that goes to you local business. These are "do-follow" links!
  • Make sure, whatever you write, you are proud of it. Both of our reputations will be attached to it.

Domain ratings

As of this writing, this website has an Ahrefs domain rating of 14, and growing. We have 145 domains referring in to us, and we have 1,200 backlinks. Our Semrush authority score is 18, and growing. Our backlink audit shows 100% non-toxic domains.

Get started with your guest post and backlink

You can write your post and send it to me in email at [email protected], or you can reach out to me first. If you write some quality and send it to me, I'll probably just publish it.


Todd Lloyd
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