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Todd Lloyd
February 27, 2022

When I started my practice in Petaluma, I took a dive into other chiropractors as well as physical therapists in this area to consider how my business would compare, for economic viability. In this page, I am going to take a look at the number of chiropractors there are licensed in Petaluma, as well as their visibility, their web presence, and how they fare in Google Maps searches. I'll also be tracking how my clinic does with Google analytics, Google Business stats, and Facebook stats.

First a trip to the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners website. This site lists all of the licensed doctors of chiropractic in any town in California. This has been a valuable lookup tool for me over the years as I was searching for a town near where I live to practice. I considered Sonoma, where I live, Napa, Novato, and Petaluma. All of these cities are in a less than 30 minute drive from home.

There are 52 active licenses in the city of Petaluma. Petaluma has a population of 60,000. That's a ratio of 1333 people for every chiropractor. But how active are these guys, exactly?

Dr. Lloyd's license.

Hey, that's me!

City Licensed DoCs Population Ratio pop/DC
Petaluma 45 60,000 1333
Sonoma 16 11,000 688
Napa 51 78,130 1531
Novato 24 53,225 2217
San Francisco 348 873,965 2511
How other towns compare

Crazy to think Napa has all of those chiropractors. Nobody in Napa really has high visibility, except for the new The Joint clinic.

Chiropractors on Google Maps

Screen Shot 2022 02 27 at 3.54.47 PM

Map of the listings that show up when you search for a chiropractor.

16 Main chiropractic offices show up when you do a maps search as of February 27, 2022. Including! After the first 16, you start to get listings for Sonoma chiropractors. This tells me that when you want to chiropractor, there are really only 16 offices in Petaluma. Any more obscure than the first 16, then you are probably getting into someone who is retired, practices only for a hobby, has an extremely narrow niche, or something else. But, it's not an office that does a lot of updating.

And notice that there are two Redwood Chiropractics on McDowell as well as a third on Lakeville. The one on McDowell is no longer there; I would have noticed. It's not fair that I took this screenshot on a Sunday, because I'm the only one open today. Others are closed. Looking at the biggest players in Petaluma, Redwood Chiropractic and Acorn Chiropractic have the most reviews and the most chiropractors in office. They both have nice central locations. As with most chiropractic offices with reviews, all of the offices in Petaluma have an average of 5 stars. If you see a chiropractic office with bad average reviews, they must have crossed a lot of people, and they must have done something wrong.

Screen Shot 2022 02 27 at 4.07.28 PM

A recent review at the San Francisco clinic.

What about web presence for chiropractors in Petaluma?

Let's search Bing for chiropractors in Petaluma. Nevermind. Those results are horrible. Let's search Google:

First we are met with paid ads for Dr. Toth in Santa Rosa, and Serendipity in Petaluma. Under new ownership, I'm told.

Then, there's the 3-pack map. Here's a screenshot for posterity:

Chiropractors in Petaluma.After the 3-pack, we have Acorn Chiropractic, My Petaluma Chiropractor, Yelp, Redwood Chiropractic, Heart and Hands Chiropractic, Battaglino Chiropractic, Hammer Chiropractic, Serendipity Chiropractic, Petaluma Chiropractic Center, and a lousy Groupon Ad.

Your's truly at is still a noob. I'm not showing up on the first page yet. I'm all the way on the 3rd page!!

What about Apple Maps? I asked one of my patents the other day if she would leave me a review, and she pulled out her iPhone and she couldn't find me. As of this writing, I still can't find myself on Apple Maps. chiropractic clinic on Apple Maps.

One day, I'll be one of the chiropractors on Apple Maps.

Chiropractic Care and Neck Injuries

I'm particularly interested in treating neck injuries. I'm good at it, and I enjoy the pain relief outcomes that comes from it. Whiplash injuries can be a challenge, and I don't wish that anyone suffers a whiplash injury. But if you had an injury, many chiropractic offices are well equipped to help?

But who in Petaluma can help with neck injuries? Let's take a look. I did a Google search for "Petaluma chiropractor neck injuries." I've got one lucky doctor called "Heart & Hands Chiropractic" who comes up with their map listing. Do they do a lot of personal injury cases?

I clicked on their website.

They have a website made by "chirohosting." So, you can bet they have the boilerplate selection of services. They have a full 20 different services pages on their site, but neck injuries or whiplash injuries does not seem to be a part of it. However, if I were a potential patient, and I had an injury, it would be reassuring to see that they have a page for auto injuries->Whiplash, and auto injuries->back pain after auto injury.

Now I'm curious of their speed rating for their hosted and prepared site: Google Sitespeed gives them a 79/100 for desktop and 28/100 for mobile. runs lightweight at 98/100 for desktop and 82/100 for mobile. But, I do need to create a page for "neck injuries."

Mypetalumachiropractor is the first organic result for my neck injuries search. They have a symptoms page with injuries->whiplash.

Hammer chiropractic is next with a menu system that buries auto injuries deep down. It's at this point that I wish chiropractors wrote in a more conversational tone. I can't read this editorial; I've got my own stuff to write.

Runner up: Redwood Chiropractic doesn't even list symptoms or causes of symptoms on their website. But, they do have blog posts with symptoms.

Skipping a few chiropractic web sites that have nothing to do with neck injuries, I finally found a niche site! "Best Accident Chiropractors(TM)" shows us that David Donaldson does whiplash care. However, this is a referral website, so my excitement to see a niche was short lived. This referral directory really, really wants google to pick up on keywords.

I found out there are at least two chiropractic offices in Petaluma who have the same exact website. Same copy. Everything but the name and the colors. Their web company, Baystone Media should correct that.

My conclusion is that few chiropractors are advertising themselves as experts in whiplash injuries, or neck injuries. This is a shame, because chiropractors are well equipped to treat, monitor, measure, and be the primary provider for patients who have had their neck injured.

Summary of Chiropractors in Petaluma

I'm in my first month of practice at this Petaluma location. I've been in practice for 20 years. But being new in business in this location gives me the opportunity to take some time and observe the community around me. I've seen new offices pop up in Sonoma and Petaluma, and I've seen their rapid growth. I've seen some familiar faces over the past 20 years. There are also a lot of names that I just don't recognize at all.

I'm glad to be in this town. I think once you get past the permit process in the city bureaucracy, it's a great place to do business. I'm proud to be on Lakeville Highway and McDowell Blvd because this is such a busy thoroughfare for people living and working in Petaluma and surrounding areas. With Starbucks, Luv Pilates, and Pub Republic close by, a retail location like this is amazing for a chiropractic office.

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