Soft Tissue Injury: What you should know.

Todd Lloyd
July 2, 2022

What you should know about soft tissue injury: Transcript

now we're going to talk about the

timeline of soft tissue healing next

why healing takes time and what to

expect after an injury

now one of the important things to

understand when you're undergoing

chiropractic care is that

we're probably working on some sort of

soft tissue injury

or maybe some sort of soft tissue


and you know soft tissue dysfunction is

something that can be cleared up with

the course of chiropractic care

including exercises

to influence

the contractile elements

in the soft tissue called the muscle as

well as parts of the soft tissue that

pull on each other

called the ligaments or tendons

so if we can influence the soft tissue

and improve upon it

that can help to clear up a lot of

ongoing tissues in your body

tissues that cause pain create

discomfort even cause some you know

muscle weakness if you're trying to work


so we need to know

how soft tissue healing occurs

and how long it can take it's important

to know because it might take longer

than you realize

so what's a soft tissue injury what is

soft tissue

soft tissue includes muscles ligaments


intervertebral disc which is a type of


nerve tissue is a soft tissue you have

nerves that go

all throughout your body and


innervate the muscles


bring information from the skin

that can get injured in a soft tissue


fat is soft tissue of course

there's uh parts between muscles and

between bones called the loose areolar

connective tissue

that can get injured that can become

bruised that could even cause uh

adhesions within that kind of tissue


i didn't put fascia that's a kind of

tendon or ligament

that can be injured

lymph nodes lymph is the

the vessels that bring swelling away

from parts of your body

deliver that fluid back to your heart

to be disposed of lymph nodes are also

like uh

you know their

immune system organs that collect

junk you know

they collect they collect the injured

cells dead cells stuff like that

but that can be they can be injured in a

soft tissue injury a big soft tissue

injury can cause swelling in your ankles

if you injure your leg because the lymph

nodes become

become blocked off by scar tissue

blood vessels are soft tissue

synovial tissue is the

the parts

in the joi in your joints that create

synovial fluid

and that could become injured in a

tissue so soft tissue injury is

basically everything

but the bone

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