Custom fit pillow

Todd Lloyd
February 14, 2022

In 2022, we partnered with Pillowise® to provide custom measured and fit pillows that are just your size. 

Pillowise's algorithm for the perfect fit considers how your body measures across the shoulders, the diameter of your neck, and the distance between your head and your shoulder. It then calculates your pillow size based upon the firmness of your  bed and your sleeping position. 

The result is a pillow that is the perfect height for your body type and the way you sleep. 

measuring body for pillow size
a woman sleeps on her side on a custom made pillow

Since partnering with Pillowise, I have been using a pillowise pillow every night. I have found this to be an improvement over my old pillow, which I found was a little too thick for me. And, the one prior to that was too thin. 

With my pillowise, I can either sleep on my side or on my back. It's comfortable wither way.  

The pillow has cooling technology, so it's cool to the touch at night. Research shows that keeping your head cool at night helps you sleep better at night. 

Curious? Stop by our office during normal office hours, and we will give you a free measurement. 

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