Custom fit pillows. Find the perfect pillow for your body type

We have partnered with Pillowise, a company founded by Dutch physiotherapist Thijs van der Hilst. This company invented algorithms to study and measure human body types based on measurements and sleeping habits. 

In 2022, I personally met with Thijs, and discussed how the technology works, and how it is works with human data to provide the best sleep outcomes. 

While meeting with him, I had him personally measure me, and he offered a pillow for me to test. Immediately, I could feel that the pillow was the right fit. On my back, I could feel the support of my neck, as it allowed my neck muscles to relax from their tens position. 

On my side, I was amazed as it felt as though the pillow provided an adequate platform for the distance between my neck and shoulder. 

Stop by the clinic to get measured for your custom size. 

To get started, we measure the circumference of your neck, the width of your shoulders across your upper back, and the distance between the point of your shoulder to your neck. 

Next, we input in the software your performed sleep position. 

Finally, we input how firm your mattress is: soft, medium, or firm. 

Using their algorithms, the software will determine the proper pillow for your body type and sleep habits. 

Pillowise offers a new take on personal sleep comfort. It is important that your pillow is not too high or too low. A Pillowise pillow in your size will keep your neck and shoulders in a neutral position and keep you aligned throughout the night. 

Pillowise pillows are well designed using the best materials and manufactured with great care in their factory in The Netherlands. They give you a five-year warranty on their custom fit pillows, to assure you of your best night’s sleep night after night. 

Over 5,000 health care professionals around the world are already recommending Pillowise to their clients. 

The suggested retail price of the pillows is $140. In our clinic, we discount them to $129.