How to get the most out of your chiropractic care

Todd Lloyd
July 2, 2022

How to get the most out of your chiropractic care: transcription

Hey there, Dr lloyd here. Welcome to my class. We're going to talk about getting the most out of your chiropractic care whether you're a new patient to chiropractic, brand new not sure what to expect, or you've had chiropractic care in the past and you're brand new to receiving care with me. I want to show you a user's guide on getting the most out of your chiropractic care.

Now i'm not just a chiropractic doctor giving chiropractic care to patients. I'm also a patient myself. i try to receive chiropractic care once a week. It makes me feel better, keeps me moving well, makes me feel stronger, helps me with my workouts, with my perception of posture; it does a lot for me. But for most people chiropractic care is about low back pain. low back pain is the number one cause of disability in working adults in America. it's a big issue, and chiropractic care is a very value-valuable cost-effective tool for people who suffer from low back pain, and chiropractic care is also about neck pain. Neck pain is the number four cause of disability in working adults in America, so it's also a big public health issue. If you have neck pain then chiropractic care is also a very effective tool to help you with that. chiropractic care also tends to work well for shoulders, hips, knees, elbow and wrist, foot and ankle, and even headaches.

Chiropractic care is a is a wide spectrum profession that is focused on helping the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. so if you've got a problem with a shoulder we know how to differentially diagnose it and we know protocols to use for you to fix it, and if you don't have those protocols- if we don't have those tools in our toolset, we can refer you out. But chiropractic care helps with most the entire body as far as the musculoskeletal system goes, and as far when talking about headaches, that's a neuromuscular skeletal problem then the nervous system is involved. We can balance out pressure in the upper neck if that's contributing to the headaches to help that out too.

You don't have to have pain though to receive chiropractic care Chiropractic care tends to help with people giving them comfort while working, or it might give you better movement with activities of daily living:

  • brushing your teeth.
  • taking care of yourself.
  • doing your laundry.
  • playing with your kids.
  • rolling on the floor.
  • wrestling with your dogs.
  • doing yard work.
  • getting in the car; getting out of the car.
  • going shopping.

All of these are activities of daily living, and you need to be able to move well to do those functions better, and chiropractic care can help with that.

sports performance

My wife is an ultra runner. We both workout: lifting weights, doing CrossFit activities, and chiropractic care helps to balance out your body. if you've got a twist in the pelvis, or one shoulder that doesn't work as well as the other shoulder, chiropractic care helps with sports activities by providing more balance to the system. front and back and side to side.

Pain pain episodes prevention

In chiropractic care one of the most valuable things that chiropractic care does for public health is that it prevents recurring episodes of low back pain, or neck pain, shoulder pain, whatever chronic problem having to do with the back. Chiropractic care does really good job with preventing future episodes because this pain this type of pain tends to be recurring over and over, over time.

In the next video we're going to be talking about do's and don'ts. We're going to be talking about the nature of soft tissue healing and coming up we're going to be doing some exercises that will help you get the most out of your chiropractic care.

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