Shockwave Therapy Treatment in Petaluma

Todd Lloyd
March 13, 2022

Find out if Shockwave Therapy is Right For You.

Shockwave therapy delivers pulse waves to injured areas that have been injured for a long time (chronic). This therapy has been shown to reduce scar tissue and activate cells that generate new collagen fibers. 

This means that if you've had pain in a certain pert of your body for a long time, like Tennis Elbow, Golfer's elbow, or Achilles Tendinopathy, then this therapy may be able to help you. 

The pain that you experience that will resolve with shockwave therapy is pain that has been with you for 3 months or more. Treatment is usually done once per week, and it involves 6-8 treatments.

Sometimes we join this treatment with other techniques and modalities in the clinic, such as chiropractic extremity adjustments, interferential treatment, and almost always our recommended exercise therapy.

This therapy feels sharp when applied. Some patients describe the sensation as "sour." The sharpness quickly goes down as it is applied. It lasts 5-10 minutes. 

When done, most people feel that the pain is greatly reduced. Like, there's less pressure or less of that tendon ache. Pressing on the tendon becomes less painful. 

Other people might feel more sore, but a different kind of soreness: Instead of a dull ache, you might feel like the muscle had a fresh workout. 

The effects last for hours or even days after being applied. The shockwave sends a signal to your cells to regroup and repair the chronically injured area. 

shockwave graphic

Single Shockwave Visit

Only one application.
per visit

  • One visit to experience it.

  • "Just give it a try."

  • Mild expectation of pain relief without follow through.

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One visit is not usually recommended for this treatment. Typical treatment plans call for about 6 visits spaced apart in regular intervals, to effect the healing process over time.

6 visit shockwave plan

Follow through with chronic conditions
6 visits

  • Regularly spaces shockwave treatment intervals

  • Benefits of shockwave build upon prior visits

  • Follows protocols published in medical case reports

  • Used in the course of 4-8 weeks.

  • Additional discounts for prepaid visits after the first 6 are complete.

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Most case studies showing the benefits of shockwave therapy follow through with care for 6 weeks. Sometimes more is necessary. Typically you receive this care once per week for six weeks.

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