Whiplash Injury Doctor in Petaluma

I read recently someone ask on a YouTube comments section, “What type of physician are best for treating whiplash injuries?” Nobody had answered her yet, but the answer was obvious to me. The answer is any doctor who has been trained and provides solutions for whiplash care because they have a special interest in treating these injuries.

That’s us. We take a special interest in treating “cervical acceleration-deceleration injuries.” Whiplash injury describes a sudden whipping of your spine from a sudden hit from one side. It actually was known as “railroad spine” about 100 years ago, because people would start to develop neck pain, headaches, upper back pain, and eventually numbness and tingling in their hands when the railroad car they are sitting in was coupled and decoupled to the car behind them. One train car would bump the car ahead, and the passengers would get a whiplash injury, unaware of the sudden impact until it happened.

Whiplash is mostly a neck injury, but it can involve the rest of the spine, your head and brain (concussion), and even your shoulders and knees as they impact certain parts of the inside of your car. It’s really common to slam your knee against the dashboard underneath your steering wheel when you hit someone else, or you get hit from the side.

A whiplash injury can bruise the soft tissue in your lower neck, and it can sprain the ligaments of your neck, or even avulse the discs which are usually strongly attached to the bones in your neck. This video explains the injuries in your lower neck:

And what about the injuries that might happen in your upper neck? “Cervicogenic” headaches are headaches that come from your upper neck. The greater occipital nerve lays very close to the same muscles that can become bruised from a hyperextension injury. This video explains upper neck injuries:

If you’ve had an injury from a car accident, you may be entitled to treatment covered by your insurance company or through a personal injury attorney with no out of pocket costs to you. Book a free consultation with us online at: https://adjustclinic.janeapp.com/