Interferential Muscle Stimulation in Petaluma

Todd Lloyd
May 31, 2022

Interferential muscle stimulation is a therapeutic modality that allows your tight and painful muscles to relax. This is often done after an adjustment, and is usually done when you are in acute pain.

It's soothing, and when you pair it with moist heat from our hydrocolator, it really blocks pain and allows you to relax.

The microcontractions from your muscles while you have interferential applied really helps to relax muscles, but it also makes moves inflammatory fluids around the tissues to help relax the ache out of your muscles.

This kind of therapy is usually done for about 15 minutes, and in after your adjustment. But in some cases, we will do this for you instead of an adjustment, or before an adjustment.

It feels great. However, this is a passive therapy, and passive therapies aren't done over the long term. Gradually, you will phase out of receiving this muscle stim, and we will get you moving your own muscles through exercise. This is where you will enjoy longer term symptom reduction and self-empowerment.

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