How is a chiropractic adjustment performed?

Todd Lloyd
July 3, 2022 is the chiropractic adjustment performed? Well, usually a chiropractic adjustment is performed hands-on, and when you get a chiropractic adjustment done it's used with the the doctor's hands.But there are other ways of adjusting people too, and look at this here this right here is called an activator. An activator is a way to use a non-force technique to move parts of the spine. I use this a lot for the up the first rib. Makes that sound. I use it a lot for jaw problems: Put it on the jaw, put on jaw muscles to provide that fast stretch reflex. An activator or an activator type tool is a valuable tool in the chiropractic office.Also, a lot of the chiropractic tables will have a drop segment of the table. You lay down on itand it makes a little bit of a drop, like this.Now this is also, this is the same kind of thing but it's a smaller device. This is a speeder boardwhere i might use this for extremities. Put an ankle or an elbow on there and use the speeder board to provide that rapid acceleration-deceleration to get the bones moving. What does it feel like?you don't really feel much at all now. I was just thinking about this on the drive over here.It can be a little bit scaryto get involved with something new that you're not used to,especially a chiropractic adjustment. Getting things to move, making thatpopping noise, that can be a little bit intimidating.But when you get this doneyou hardly feel anything at all, and it feels better when you have that done. This sometimes feels a little bit punchy, especially if you put it on the neck to adjust the area.But really it's not very much at all. And then the hands-on is my favorite part because the hands-on treatment of= the chiropractic adjustment is a really powerful modality that can do a lot for you.[It's] usually really comfortable and rewarding to have done.

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