How many visits do I need?

Todd Lloyd
July 2, 2022 many visits will it take to get me better?Well that all depends if you have short-term pain. If it's a brand new pain that you have, it's a mild injury and you're a relatively young person you might not need very much care. Maybe one or two visits. If you have chronic recurring pain, or if you're over the age of 40, you're going to respond a little bit slower to whatever kind of treatment that you receive. Whether it's physicaltherapy, massage therapy,acupuncture.As you grow older and as you have pain for a longer period of time you can see that the boat is a little bit slower to turn aroundand this might require chiropractic care for several weeks to several months at a time.If you have chronic recurring pain you might choose to receive care on a consistent basis even though maybe their symptoms have gone away.

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