Is chiropractic appropriate for children?

Todd Lloyd
July 3, 2022 chiropractic care appropriate forchildrenyes chiropractic care is appropriate forchildren children can have aches andpains too children are very activethey can fall down a lot they can bumptheir spines a lotas children get older they can havesports injuriesor even postural problems from sittingtoo long in schoolnow as an infant one of thebeneficial things about chiropracticcare is that if you have an infant thatis colickythat's crying throughout the day andnight that usually indicates that theremight besome irritation to the infant'sneckandbecause they can't verbalize whatthey're feeling they're going to cry tolet you know that there's pain going onso a colicky babysometimes can respond pretty well tochiropractic careas a child grows older and they'restarting to learn how to walk then youknow they're gonna be falling on theirbutts a lot and it can be appropriate tohave them checked by a chiropractorespecially if you suspect that they'reguardingpart of their body from falling too muchit's easy to adjust the child now we'renot gonna pop them in with a big crunchwe're going to use more gentletechniques for thatas children grow oldertheir skeletons start to mature more butthey're getting into sports they're muchmore active they might receive a sportsinjurygetting that to move better withchiropractic care it's quick and fastas children are sitting in school toomuch hunched over their desk hunchedover their ipad then they're going tohave postural problems and sometimes youneed chiropractic care to give that aboost

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