What other treatments do chiropractors do?

Todd Lloyd
July 2, 2022

https://youtu.be/1BDED-mFNZUwhat are the treatments thatchiropractors providewell chiropractic care is more than justthe chiropractic adjustment to the spinechiropractic care involves othertherapeutic modalities that are similarto adjustments like mobilizing parts ofthe back or mobilizing other parts ofthe body like ankles or shoulderschiropractic care involvesusing other modalities that are passivecare like heat therapy or evenelectrical muscle stim could be anothertherapy you might find in thechiropractic officechiropractic care also hasstrong emphasis on active care so wewant to get you moving well and gettingmoving well involves exercise therapyuhstuff that will make your musclescontract active care care that you doyourself we advise on that and we canmonitor thatchiropractic carealso has the responsibility of providingyou with a diagnosis in the prognosiswhich means that when you go to see achiropractor you're getting anexamination done tooyou're getting our ourbest chiropractic advice for quickerrecoveryand so all of this fits under the theumbrella of the chiropractic professionit's more than just the modality wherewe pop your joints it's a professionthat provides conservative care for you

Todd Lloyd
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