Here's what I'm looking forward to for Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2023

Todd Lloyd
June 26, 2022

I know, I know. It's still 2022, and Parker Seminars doesn't do the Las Vegas seminar until February, but I'm already counting down the months.

I go every year, and every year, it's basically the highlight of every new year. Parker Las Vegas 2022 was so packed full of information and goal setting that I sat down as soon as I could to gather my thoughts here on this blog. See Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2022. I still need to sit down and revisit my notes to see how much of the information I used, and what I need to remind myself of.

But until then, here are some of the things I look forward to at Parker Las Vegas 2023:

Thousands of Chiropractors at Paris, Las Vegas.

Yea. To you, it might sound like a dystopian nightmare, but to me it's pretty exciting. On a particular weekend in February, walking the main hallway of Paris, Las Vegas, you can see plenty of chiropractors. They all have that chiropractor look to them. Mostly wholesome, slightly naive looking, a little prosperous but dressed down. Mostly tall white males. It's either that or it's a bunch of Mormons visiting Paris. Or maybe both.

But I like this atmosphere. All 2,000 of us goofy looking guys excited to get learning. It makes us all feel like we are a part of something.

IMG 2271

Goal Setting for 2023

Listen, I'm a big boy, and I can set my own goals on my own volition. But every time I go to Parker Las Vegas, I get jazzed up again to put my goals back to paper and revisit where I want to take my professional life. What direction do I want to go? Parker Vegas is where I set my sails.

And there are always plenty of classes to attend where they talk about mission, purpose, goals, and tactics. I love them all. I want to learn how to take better care of my patients, but I also want to be there to work on myself too.

Untitled Artwork edited

If things are going right, nothing changes with values, mission, vision, and purpose. Especially values and purpose, when really guide the inner stuff. My vision has evolved ever so slightly since attending Parker 2022, but that's because I made more of a pivot toward helping neck injuries from car accidents.

Wooden Pyramid of Success

In 2022, I was introduced to this John Wooden Pyramid of Success. This is what I'm talking about! All of these points in the boxes are what it takes to be a success in whatever you choose to do. Alertness! Make a play that will make you reach your goals and meet the challenge head-on. Make sure you're doing all of the things in the pyramid of success.

Chiropractic Science and better Patient Care.

My number one stakeholder in my practice are my patients. Some of them have new acute injuries. But, some of them have chronic conditions that we manage together. Next year, at Parker Seminars, I'm looking forward to more of the Stu Mcgill's and the Craig Liebensons of the industry to talk about what does and doesn't work for our patients.

IMG 7770

We don't know what the lineup will be like for the seminar yet, but Parker has delivered well over the past 5 years. I look forward to who they bring next year.

Hobnobbing with Celebrities.

Every year, there's a keynote or two involving celebrities in the healthcare field adjacent to ours. I can't wait to see who they bring next time so I can say I met this guy.

IMG 7746
IMG 2256

New Commitment to Health.

I know. It's Vegas, right? Full of regretful choices and debauchery. Well, there's time for that too, but I get into healthy eating and daily workout mode when I go. It's maybe a little backward, but when I get there, I want to live my best life for myself. So I use the hotel's gym every morning before class, and if I can't eat paleo foods, I don't eat until I can.

I find when I do this, I can have better concentration while in classes, and I don't fatigue myself. I get more out of the whole weekend if I can life my lifestyle choices in my ideal way. It's worth it.

IMG 7735

It's funny, because I'm not a vain person, but I took that picture of myself in the gym because I was pretty proud that I stuck to my routine.

I look forward to visiting the Vendors at Parker.

Part of the atmosphere at Parker is all of the vendors who took the chance on all of us, paid the money, paid for the presentation, and patiently suffered through our dumb questions. I appreciate these guys. I never quite took the time to visit each booth, ever, but I like that I have a buffet of vendors who might interest my needs in my practice.

IMG 7811

I met the guy who invented the Pillowise pillows, and had him measure me. I played down on his treatment table to sample the pillow, and I loved it! He sold me on this display that I now have in my office. Custom measured pillows. I now sleep on my Pillowise pillow every night. I love it.

I'd like to give a very special shout out to all of the vendors who bring chiropractic tables to the expo. It's very handy to have them there. But not only that, I have gained new appreciation for one particular brand's table that I have on my short list for when I expand. PHS Chiropractic Tables. Perfect. I want to buy one of their wood mat tables for rehab too, but shipping might just kill the deal .

Screen Shot 2022 05 17 at 3.14.25 PM

I'd like to focus on some specific chiropractic topics next year.

In the field of chiropractic, I have found that there is a lot of teaser sales people who will let you in a little bit of their procedures for handling a personal injury case, but if you want the whole package, you'll have to pay up. I don't mind paying a thousand or two to have a comprehensive system put together for my personal injury chiropractic practice. I'm all for investing to get the right systems in place. But in this industry, we have to put together some fragments of information, and it's hard to know what you don't yet know.

So for Parker Seminars Las Vegas in 2023, I want to have some solid courses on handling personal injury cases. I would like to see some for both the clinical side of managing a neck sprain/strain, and for the office procedures that represent the best practices in business. I've invested a lot into my physical space here in Petaluma, and I want to have efficient systems.

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