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Macrotrauma vs Microtrauma. How did you develop pain in the first place?

macrotrauma vs microtrauma: transcript

now how can soft tissue become injured
well there’s macro trauma
and there’s micro trauma
macro trauma is when there’s
one big injury
and you tear the tissue
and you can look at the torn tissue
under a microscope
that’s like a car accident or a sports
injury sprain your ankle
micro trauma is what you’re doing to
yourself when you’re sitting all day
and maybe you’re developing carpal
tunnel syndrome because you’re using the
mouse with your wrist cocked in a
friendly position
or maybe it’s your posture that’s
weighing down on you day after day
that can cause micro trauma that can
cause swelling within the soft tissue
that can deposit
scar tissue adhesions within the layers
of the muscles or the within the joints
wear and tear can occur on the discs in
your in your back
causing a
fiber breakdown
delaminating the fibers
and eventually leading to the
degenerative process within the bone
so that’s micro trauma
this is a
microscope look at
muscle cells
and you can see the striations in there
those are the contractile elements of a
muscle so when you build your muscle
those are the
sarcomeres and the
actin myosin
parts of the muscle that contract you
can build those up
those other cells that you can see the
football ones football shaped ones those
are mitochondria
and everyone knows that mitochondria is
the powerhouse of the cell
but the more you work out the more
mitochondria you can develop too and one
of the hallmarks of youthful soft tissue
is there’s lots of mitochondria in there
giving your cells lots of energy
here’s a view of the side view of the
uh at the top you’ve got atlanta
occipital joints followed by the atlanta
axial joints that’s the upper cervical
what’s not pictured in there is a soft
but there’s muscles that surround those
and if you’re in a whiplash accident or
or if you’ve
if you’re
constantly in bad posture with a tech
neck head forward posture then the the
muscles in there are going to become
weaker they’ll experience fibro fatty
lead the pain eventually
here’s a view of the
there’s a front view and the side view
of the lumbar spine
where you can see some of the supportive
ligaments in there
and if you throw out your back by
lifting something with bad
well you can see the
the ligaments and the discs that become

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