Macrotrauma vs Microtrauma. How did you develop pain in the first place?

Todd Lloyd
July 2, 2022

macrotrauma vs microtrauma: transcript

now how can soft tissue become injuredwell there's macro traumaand there's micro traumamacro trauma is when there'sone big injuryand you tear the tissueand you can look at the torn tissueunder a microscopethat's like a car accident or a sportsinjury sprain your anklemicro trauma is what you're doing toyourself when you're sitting all dayand maybe you're developing carpaltunnel syndrome because you're using themouse with your wrist cocked in afriendly positionor maybe it's your posture that'sweighing down on you day after daythat can cause micro trauma that cancause swelling within the soft tissuethat can depositscar tissue adhesions within the layersof the muscles or the within the jointswear and tear can occur on the discs inyour in your backcausing adiscfiber breakdowndelaminating the fibersand eventually leading to thedegenerative process within the boneso that's micro traumathis is amicroscope look atmuscle cellsand you can see the striations in therethose are the contractile elements of amuscle so when you build your musclethose are thesarcomeres and theactin myosinparts of the muscle that contract youcan build those upthose other cells that you can see theroundfootball ones football shaped ones thoseare mitochondriaand everyone knows that mitochondria isthe powerhouse of the cellbut the more you work out the moremitochondria you can develop too and oneof the hallmarks of youthful soft tissueis there's lots of mitochondria in theregiving your cells lots of energyhere's a view of the side view of theneckuh at the top you've got atlantaoccipital joints followed by the atlantaaxial joints that's the upper cervicalspinewhat's not pictured in there is a softtissuebut there's muscles that surround thosejointsand if you're in a whiplash accident orsomethingor if you'veif you'reconstantly in bad posture with a techneck head forward posture then the themuscles in there are going to becomeweaker they'll experience fibro fattyinfiltrationandit'lllead the pain eventuallyhere's a view of thethere's a front view and the side viewof the lumbar spinewhere you can see some of the supportiveligaments in thereand if you throw out your back bylifting something with badmechanicswell you can see thethe ligaments and the discs that becomeinvolved

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