Niches in Chiropractic.

Todd Lloyd
January 14, 2021

My post the other day talked somewhat more in depth about the ins and outs of The Joint chiropractic offices. Today, I was reflecting more on that business model and contrasting it to regular chiropractors and niche chiropractic offices.

Thing is, I'm on the cusp of developing my own future with a new office in a retail location. Yesterday, I met with my commercial real estate agent to look at properties in Petaluma. Petaluma, because it's on the up and up, and because rents are still reasonable. Half the rent compared to some dumpy location in Napa.

Day to day, I like to move things along with patient visits. I don't do soft tissue. Not a whole lot anyway. The exception being shockwave therapy, which I rightfully charge a premium for. Therefore, my workflow looks similar to The Joint's volume workflow.

On the other hand, I've been trying to play up to my strengths by focusing on the neck and shoulder niche. Neck and shoulder pain relief. Neck relief. Tight knots relief. Shoulder impingement structured care plans for relief. Shoulder rotator cuff shockwave therapy structured protocols for relief. As I type these words, I become more convinced...

Awkward, though, is the naming of the clinic. What will the channel letters on the outside look like? NECK CLINIC kind of looked tacky when I did a sign mockup. But maybe it always does without a professional logo. I was looking at the Sutter Walk In Clinic logo at their McDowell Blvd location, and all it was was Helvetica Bold and a small stylized logo. I suppose that's all they needed.

Other channel letter'd signs from small shops are usually over-done. Overly ornate. Trying to be too fancy. Franchised businesses usually go for a more minimalist logo. Sutter's clinic was very simply Helvetica Bold, and it looked like business.

If I do a neck clinic, that means I'm pivoting toward more personal injury. Is there still money in PI? I need to start asking around. One big part of personal injury care is the right diagnostics. I would have to plan for an x-ray machine, maybe a Myovision system. And, what I want to get anyway, a Kinetisense.

Nobody reads this journal, but if you stumbled across this, and you have experience in this business, comment below to let me know your thoughts.


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