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We Help Personal Injury Attorneys and their Clients in Petaluma, CA

We work with liens

Many chiropractors in Petaluma have no experience with PI, have no focus on PI, and will treat your patient with their wellness services. We will treat with a lien.

Convenient location

We are located next to Starbucks. Grab a coffee, and grab some treatment!

Comprehensive and Organized Care

We have participated in depositions. We know the value of organized paperwork that follows a logical course.

Dr. Lloyd, of Chiropractic Care in Petaluma, CA has over 20 years experience treating patients who have been injured in car accidents and other types of injuries.

In chiropractic college I attended postgraduate courses on whiplash and spinal trauma. I audited over 1000 hours of post-graduate continuing education even before I graduated. I became a QME and IDE in the California worker’s compensation system. I completed the 44 hour report writing course in order to report to the DWC on an injured worker’s impairment.

Although I don’t use worker’s compensation as a focus in my practice, I take a special interest in personal injury. I recognize the importance or proper record keeping, transparency to attorneys and clients, and a clear focus on the things that matter in a case.

If you have a client who has been injured in a car accident, I work with liens. I can provide a second option on the patient’s case, even if they are under active care with another provider. I can take the lead in coordinating care for the patient, or I can serve as a supportive role in their medical team. 

If you have a referral, or if your client needs a second opinion, I can be reached at [email protected]

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