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Todd Lloyd
August 16, 2022

At, we take very seriously the effects a car accident can have on your neck, shoulders, low back, and the rest of your body. Dr. Lloyd has been studying spinal trauma from car accidents for more than 20 years. Whiplash injuries that are not treated correctly can lead to serious problems years into the future. Here are five reasons why you should choose this clinic to manage the injuries that you might have sustained in a car accident.

Whiplash Injury Experts in Petaluma

Dr. Lloyd became a chiropractor in Petaluma in early 2022, but he has been helping patients who are victims of car accident injuries for more than 20 years. Dr. Lloyd has always taken the special interest in the effects of a whiplash injury. While in chiropractic college, he devoted his independent research study into compelling research that shows injury biomechanics, presenting these findings to other students and faculty. While in chiropractic college he attended post graduate continuing education courses on weekends, and during this time he attended over 1000 hours of classroom instruction. Much of this time spent was on the topics of spinal trauma.

Whiplash experience matters

Dr. Lloyd has worked in several different clinics that specialize in treating whiplash injuries. Some of these spinal trauma oriented clinics were in the greater Bay Area, Sonoma County, and within Sonoma itself.

Why choose a Chiropractor In Petaluma

You would choose a chiropractor in Petaluma if you lived or worked in Petaluma. You choose a chiropractor because chiropractors are the experts in conservative musculoskeletal pain management.

Chiropractors wrote the textbooks on whiplash injuries. And chiropractors serve as expert witnesses testifying for plaintiff attorneys for cases. Chiropractors have the training and modalities to provide relief for those who have pain from an injury.

Dr. Lloyd has been trained to track the effects of whiplash injuries with many different tools. One important tool is a simple one: outcomes questionnaires surveys that track the pain and disability of the injury from the beginning to the end of care. But beyond that, he might choose to order up special imaging like stress x-rays to find out of you have any instability or other pathologies. Since whiplash injuries can upset your body's positional system (proprioception), you might have to test your repositioning ability with a laser-target system.

To track the whole-body effects of a whiplash injury, this office uses Kinetisense 3D tracking tools to track progress from the beginning of treatment to discharge. Software like this allows us to track your progress over time.

Document the Effects the Whiplash Injury has on your quality of life

Beyond the effort it takes to get you feeling and functioning better, the other important factor in managing your whiplash injury is tracking progress with proper documentation. As stated above, we use functional outcomes measurements through questionnaires. And our exam findings serve as a snapshot in time to show medical findings.

Let your Car Insurance pay the bill

In many cases after a whiplash injury, you might not even have to pay out of pocket for your care.

If you have a "medical payments" policy on your car insurance, then that is there to allow you to receive care with no expense on your part. The MedPay policy pays your bill in full.

If you have an attorney, or need an attorney referral, then we work with attorneys to pay for your expenses through a medical lien.

Here is a list of car insurances that offer medical payment policies, or provide for chiropractic care in the even of an injury:

Dr. Lloyd's Injury Treatment Experience

Dr. Lloyd worked in personal injury treatment clinics while still in chiropractic college. He also attended over 1000 hours of post-graduate continuing education seminars, with a large portion of that time spent attending spinal trauma courses.

Taking a special interest in functional anatomy, biomechanics, neurology, rehab and repair, Dr. Lloyd has been working with injured victims of car accidents for over 20 years. In Petaluma, he brings his expertise closer to home.

We work with your attorney

We have attorney referrals if you need them, but importantly, some of the biggest and best attorneys in the Bay Area and California trust Dr. Lloyd to treat their clients. We work with personal injury lawyers to provide the care and documentation that you need to get better and recover properly.

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